Private Label Service

Your private label brand depends on great connections in the glove manufacturing industry. At High Level Medical, we don’t just provide connections, we build relationships. The success of your brand depends greatly on the success of your relationships with private label manufacturers, quality control inspectors, distributors and buyers. High Level Medical serves as the bridge, moving you and your private label brand into a supportive network where those relationships begin and flourish. 

Stop trying to figure out how to start a produce your private label examination gloves or how to sort out quality issues with your current suppliers without first securing professional representation in the glove manufacturing industry. High Level Medical does not only provide the exceptional services you need to make your life easier and make your brand shine, but also maintain your trade with utmost privacy. 

Free Consultation: All clients receive a free consultation from one of our representative to discuss about the next step for your private label brand or if you need assistance in resolving your current private label issues. Our representative will explain contract details, inform you of how production orders work, deliberate potential solutions, and share all the benefits of our exceptional services. 

Private Label Brand Design: Either you provide your own production-ready private label brand designs artwork or we would assist you in getting your artwork design formed by professional designs from our private label manufacturers. 

Pre-Production Samples: We understand different distributors target different segment of market that requires different type of gloves specification.  Therefore, your confidence in your new or existing product specification that will be manufactured by our manufacturers is extremely important. High Level Medical’s private label manufacturers can provide production sample run – color matching, donning, texture, types of latex, physical properties, elongation, scent, additives, and etc. – to your satisfaction and your approvals before production.

Private Label Brand Production: Once you approve your samples, High Level Medical staff will work around the clock to secure production capacity and provide you the lead time for your shipment.  Our on-site staffs will follow-up the manufacturing schedules to meet your deadline and inform you if there are any changes to the schedules. For new product, our technical expert will be on site to ensure compliance towards the specifications set by you.

Independent Quality Control Audit: There are too many cases especially during industry wide economic downturn, where the distributors were “short-changed” by their manufacturer. It is common that distributors will find themselves sitting on inventories that are not what they have asked for – color differences, changes in gloves properties, low piece count, or even worse
failed USFDA inspection.  In the end, distributors suffer monetary loss and could possibly tarnish the brand image that has been built over the years.

At High Level Medical, the integrity of your finished products is of the utmost importance to our Quality Control team. Our independent inspector will validate your goods and in some cases perform test before your container is sealed. Your satisfaction is High Level Medical’s top priority from start to finish. 

High Level Medical looks forward to aiding in the substantial growth of your brand while providing you with elite private label manufacturers and private label brand services.