Visual Inspection

We will collect random sample of the gloves and conduct visual inspection for both major and minor defects. This inspection scrutinize heavily on the aesthetics of the gloves.

*Inspection includes but not limited to: tearing, dirt, stain, sticky, powder-mark, flow-mark, weak spot, and others.

weight & count Inspection

Our inspectors will randomly select the gloves to weight and count to ensure the consistencies of the glove count.This is one of the key areas where some unscrupulous manufacturers tend to give either under weight gloves or under count gloves pieces.

water-tight test

Our quality inspector will conduct independent water tight test to verify the manufacturer's results.  Here, we will deploy exact USFDA random sampling inspection to reduce the risk of your container to be detained.  Gloves importer typically suffers monetary losses if their goods are rejected by USFDA.

physical properties inspection

We will conduct tensile properties before and after aging to ensure that the gloves you ordered meets your desired specifications. We also ensure your gloves meets or exceed ASTM standards.

in-process validation Inspection

Our technical expert understand the thermodynamics and the vulcanization of the rubber.  In most instances, we would know the quality of the gloves by looking at the process.Our technical expert can be your help in solving your quality issues.

Glove Thickness Inspection

We will randomly select sample of the gloves and conduct thickness measurement on the cuff, palm, and finger. 

*Thickness of the gloves also affected by texturing or micro-texturing on the surface of the gloves

Quality Control Service

High Level Medical takes pride in its rigorous quality control process. Our commitment to quality service has earned us confident and trust from our customer. High Level Medical is dedicated to ensure you receive consistent gloves quality that you placed through us.