Powder Free Nitrile Examination With SERICIN


High Level Medical introducing next generation gloves with Silk Protein. This state of the art innovation incorporate silk protein solution extract called SERICIN that was developed and perfected in Japan by Professor Hasegawa.

These (Patent pending 20150033442) state of the art gloves already marketed in selected countries such as Japan, Australia, and Germany with great success and customer repeating orders. 

                                                                                              Fig. A: Silk Cocoon

Silk is composed of two major proteins, fibroin (fibrous protein) and SERICIN (globular, gumming protein). Fibroin has been used in textile manufacturing, whereas SERICIN is normally discarded in textile industry.  SERICIN has recently been found to activate the proliferation of several cell-lines and has shown various biological activities.  SERICIN has now become more acceptable material for various biological applications.  

                                                                                     Fig. B: Silk fiber under microscope

​SERICIN is a proteinous substrate that envelops fibroin (silk) fiber, and its recovery provides significant economical and social benefits to silk industries. SERICIN contributes about 20-30 percent of total cocoon weight.  It is characterized by its high content of serine and 18 amino acids, including essential amino acids.  Because of its unique biochemical and biophysical properties, SERICIN has been studied for various potential applications.  

SERICIN high content of amino acids makes it hydrophilic in nature attracts moisture and its occlusive effect prevents excessive transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Reduced water loss from the upper layer of the skin will provide glove users experience drier hand compare to regular disposable gloves that may lead to rough and cracked skin.  Thus, SilkSkin glove users would experience silk-like fresh comfortable feeling by reducing uncomfortable experience of being sweaty and wet.

Silk SERICIN cosmetic value has been used for thousands of years by the world elite to rejuvenate their hair and skin. Many researchers and scientist published the benefits of SERICIN and its applications in various scientific journals.  

  • Moisturizing: SERICIN has resemblance with the natural moisturizing factor (NMF), Test result indicates decrease in skin impedance, increase in hydroxyproline level, and hydration of epidermal cells revealed the moisturizing effect of SERICIN, whereas decrease in the value of TEWL may be attributed to occlusive effect, which prevents water loss from the upper layer of the skin. Skin surface topography revealed the smoothness of the upper layer of the skin as the result of moisturization. MN Padamwar et al. Silk sericin as a moisturizer. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology 2005; (4) pg. 250-257