creamy white latex powder free disposable Gloves

StretchFlex Powder Free Latex Disposable Gloves is for user who prefer powder free latex disposable gloves. User can expect clean and easy donning for these gloves.  These gloves are ambidextrous, water resistant, and feature rolled cuff for easier donning.  StretchFlex Powder Free Latex Disposable gloves are tight fitting and made of the highest quality natural rubber latex.  These powder-free gloves are Ideal for food service use.  StretchFlex gloves are also suitable for housekeeping, industrial cleaning, and assembly areas.

Manufactured using USDA accepted materials and meets FFDCA requirement for contact with food.  In combination with proper hand washing, the proper use of StretchFlex disposable gloves from provides complete barrier protection between hands and food. 
Stretchflex gloves provide a snug, comfortable fit, improving dexterity and touch sensitivity. These tough and durable powder-free latex gloves are suitable for almost any general purpose task.

StretchFlex is an excellent choice for food preparation, paint, beauty and other general application.

Caution: Latex gloves may cause an allergic reaction in individuals with latex sensitivity.